5 recommended marketing templates for customer onboarding

Elizabeth Leigh in Autopilot software on 9th of Nov 2018
customer onboarding software

Customer onboarding software

To develop successful customer onboarding strategies, marketers need to think about what happens after a customer engages with a brand. What will encourage them to sign up to a trial after reading an article, make a purchase after a demo or subscribe after clicking a link?

The onboarding process is challenging, especially when 40-60 percent of users log in once and never return. Onboarding success depends on your ability to provide the right tools to ensure a user completes a trial, activates an account or pays for a subscription.

Here’s a list of five recommended customer templates (found within the Autopilot Templates Library) that will help you create successful onboarding journeys:

Successfully onboard new customers

A successful customer onboarding strategy transforms leads into repeat customers. A repeat customer is a user who makes more than one transaction with your company — and it’s these customers who companies value the most. For company growth and success, it’s critical that marketing teams invest time and resources into transforming all leads into repeat buyers.

According to the book Marketing Metrics by Paul Farris, repeat customers have a 60-70 percent chance of converting. This means that a company with more repeat buyers can spend less time and resources on developing customer retention strategies.

Ensuring that all new customers are successfully onboarded is one of the most important things a company can do. The below journey makes it easy for your team to do just that.

Simple 30-day trial nurture

The best SaaS products convert more than 15 percent of free trial sign-ups into paying customers. Without implementing a costly manual sales process, an automated trial nurture journey can successfully activate product trialists into buyers —- and at higher conversion rates!

Autopilot has found that companies who use marketing automation software have customers with higher product engagement, upgrade and retention rates.

But what’s the key you ask?

The key to building an effective, automated SaaS trial that helps users reach their “Aha!” moment, is found within the journey template below.

Send a Delighted NPS survey before the end of a trial

Metrics help marketers determine if their trial is actually converting. With a solid grasp of the numbers, you can make tweaks to improve trial results continually. Tracking an NPS (Net Promoter Score) is not just a metric but an imperative for action.

Tracking customer NPS has two benefits:

  1. Benchmark success against competitors
  2. Track improvements

By tracking your NPS, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts and feel confident that you’re moving in the right direction. Ask yourself: “What’s working? What’s not? Do some efforts have a greater impact on your score than others?”

To increase your conversion rate use the journey below to send a Delighted NPS survey to people who trial your product or service.

Proactively follow-up people who search your knowledge base

A knowledge base may refer to a website blog or resource center with topical articles, how-to-guides, reports or product-specific pages. While these areas of your website help to educate your audience on the problem you’re solving, they’re also a great place to convert readers into leads.

A knowledge base increases the number of landing pages on a website, which is essential for boosting conversion rates. Companies who increase the number of landing pages on their website from 10 to 15, see a 55 percent increase in leads.

To ensure that you’re capturing and following up with those leads, try the customer journey template below.

Send targeted, follow-up emails when visitors click specific CTAs

For companies that sell products and services online, their entire revenue depends on users clicking specific CTAs on their website. According to Marketing Land, a CTA is powerful, important and foundational to the success of any online marketing initiative.

It’s crucial to follow-up with users who click on specific CTAs and create customized customer journeys that reflect the action the user takes. A personalized follow-up email has the power to convert and nurture customers at each stage of the customer journey.

Use the below journey to send personalized and targeted follow-up emails to leads who click a specific CTA on your website.

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