Target your contacts in the way that interests them

Autopilot in Email marketing on 14th of Nov 2019
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Target your contacts in the way that interests them

Don’t settle for a lack of information

When building out and communicating with your contact base, every outbound communication is an opportunity to gather more information about your leads. You’ll want to know as much about each and every single one of your contacts as possible to ensure you’re targeting them in the best way. This could mean anything from finding out their favourite colour, all the way through to what they had for dinner 2 nights ago. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but you’ll definitely want to know what their industry is, how many customers they have, and what they’re really interested in doing with your product.

Ask and you shall receive

This Data Enrichment for Personalization journey allows you to collect information about your contacts in a non-invasive manner. When a contact clicks on an option in your data enrichment email, they’ll be sorted and targeted based on their selected response. You should tailor these data enrichment emails to set up successful nurture campaigns that will personally address your contacts and improve your email engagement rates.

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