3 Ways To Market Smarter By Exporting Your Contact Database

Autopilot on 23rd of Jun 2015

3 Ways To Market Smarter By Exporting Your Contact Database

Today we released the “Export Contacts” feature - which enables you to export lists directly out of your Autopilot contact database. This was one of our top requested features and now it’s live! You can export contacts by clicking the “Export” button on the right hand side of the screen, like so… Exporting contacts from Autopilot can help you be more effective in your marketing. Here are three high-value ways to put the feature to work:

1. Get the bigger picture by slicing and dicing data in Excel or Google Spreadsheets

Your Autopilot contact database is a treasure trove of customer insights - and now you can get dirty with the data to get detailed return on investment (ROI) insights, manipulate contact lists, or learn more about key segments. Using Autopilot, you are accumulating valuable user data - demographic information from online forms or synced CRM data, engagement of your emails, or websites captured by Autopilot’s tracking code, product usage data syncing via Segment, Zapier, or our API, as well as revenue and financial data from Salesforce or Recurly. Now you can “Export Contacts” to do a full data dump and dig in with pivot tables. Or hone in on specific areas by exporting only members of a specific list or smart segment.

2. Develop targeted call-down spreadsheets for your sales teams

This one is easy. Not using CRM software, but you still have a hungry sales team looking for leads and accounts? Export a list of all your “Contact Us” leads, or webinar registrations, or newly active Free customers, to provide actionable call down lists for your sales team. Results can be re-uploaded into Autopilot at a future date, and updated contact info will be merged back into the existing record, using the unique email address as the identifier.

3. Upload valuable user segments into other marketing apps

Retargeted advertising is the perfect use case for this. Did you know that in Adroll, you can run retargeted banner advertising campaigns limited to users on a specific list upload? This is important if you are targeting a specific set of high-value customers or leads, for example registrants of your annual CEO-summit. Supplement your post-CEO event nurturing activities with retargeted advertising, by exporting your event registrants list from Autopilot, uploading into Adroll, then displaying highly targeted “thank you” advertisements to those attendees. This type of hyper-personalized, yet easily accomplished, advertising can increase ad click rates by 3-5X, while dramatically driving down conversion costs. Interested in learning more about exporting your contacts from Autopilot? Review the knowledge base article in our customer help center.

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