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How marketing automation software can advance your prospects and your value

“It’s clear from our research, but also just looking at history, that people increasingly, over time, will have to be complements to the work that machines do. Work side by side or work with machines.”

Michael Chui, Partner, McKinsey Global Institute

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the way we do business. Its machine learning function and ability to mine big data allow almost seamless automation of many processes. And it is automation that is currently delivering one of the highest returns on investment for businesses.

So, where does it fit into the world of marketing today as we look beyond 2020?

Marketing automation is well entrenched in a significant number of global businesses. Marketing automation was once considered not compatible or too expensive for small businesses to implement. In many industries, there was also the perception that marketing automation software was limited to multinationals with endless budgets —- and that it was too complicated and too expensive for owners of smaller businesses to understand. This isn’t the case anymore — and it certainly won’t be in 2020.

As a result, marketing automation software has become a viable option for all businesses, large and small. Why? Because marketing automation saves time, increases productivity and efficiency and optimizes the customer journey. Marketing automation also adds so much more to the individual marketer. It has personal value and advances careers. In fact, high performing marketers are found to grow revenue 58% faster than everyone else, generate more leads for their companies, are 2.5X happier with their performance, and have more satisfied customers.

75% of marketers say using marketing automation software influences their career

Autopilot’s 2019 Marketing Automation Survey also found that 99% of marketers agree that it is a helpful tool and 92% believe their ability to use automation software makes them more valuable to their organization. In other words, marketing automation software provided the tools necessary for them to improve their performance and thus, create more impact for their organization. As one respondent in Autopilot’s 2019 Marketing Automation Survey said, “Autopilot lets me spin webs of complexity so impenetrable that I am basically impossible to fire.”

These trends are aligned with the Hays Job Report 2019. According to the report, “the competitive landscape of the marketing automation technology space has evolved and intensified … [and] In turn, the talent required to operate and optimize these platforms are no longer exclusively sought from mid-large organizations, but across all industries and all industry sizes.”

This is supported by research from the Digital Marketing Institute: 44% of marketing experts believe that marketing automation will become a more important skill in 2020.

What does this mean for marketers? They will need to keep marketing automation in mind when expanding their skillset in 2020 and beyond, and employers must prioritize marketing automation proficiencies when training existing team members and hiring new employees.

Digital marketer is no longer a job title – it is fundamental to every element of marketing

Marketing automation software optimizes business agility allowing marketers to streamline efficiencies and deliver more value to support innovation and growth. As a result, the role of the marketer has evolved considerably over the last few years. The introduction of social media to the marketing landscape has significantly influenced the relationship between brands and customers, while the meteoric rise of cell phone usage has resulted in marketers being required to incorporate mobile marketing in their customer journey maps.

The rise of data-driven marketing has also introduced a new area of specialization in the marketing sector: marketing automation. While marketing automation was previously considered a skill that was only left to the experts, it’s no longer the case today. So, when your whole marketing funnel can be automated using SaaS solutions, the minimum skillset for all marketers is now undoubtedly proficiency with marketing automation platforms.

While social media and mobile devices have strengthened consumers’ ability to connect one-to-one with brands at any time, from anywhere – we know that 88% of high performing marketers get results by investing in customer experience initiatives including analytics, content, social and nurture-based strategies for growth. By focusing on the customer’s journey, high performers are producing more leads, turning one-time buyers into repeat buyers, and converting new customers more rapidly. They are also making a more personal impact on their professional worth.

Marketing automation is integral to your future career and easily accessible now

Marketing automation software is one of the most valuable tools in your back pocket – from driving growth and value to the business to your own career enhancement.

The marketing industry at its most transformative moment in time. Technology is changing so rapidly that many marketers are being left behind. It’s imperative to be skilled in the tech tools that support you and your growth as we look forward to 2020.

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