Nobody likes a lost order, keep your customers updated

Autopilot in Lead management on 20th of Sep 2019

Nobody likes a lost order, keep your customers updated

Delays happen, and that’s okay

When you’re operating in the e-commerce space, it’s important to keep customers informed about their purchases. When you experience delays or changes to your schedule, it can disrupt a customers’ buying process. Those delays could be caused by anything, from bad weather to high delivery demand. Whatever the cause transparency is highly valued when money and goods are involved, so your customer will want to be informed if their order is taking longer than expected.

Don’t leave your customers wondering

We created this “notifying customers of updates” journey for you to implement when you experience a delay or changes to your schedule. This Success with Autopilot journey allows you to send out multi-channel alerts to your contacts that have an order in progress. We’ve used our native OneSignal and Twilio integrations to directly notify our contacts in their mobile devices. When the customer opens one of the notifications and checks their order status, they won’t receive any more alerts, as we don’t want to overwhelm them. For your customers, these updates are critical towards their order history and buying experience, and could be the difference between them purchasing again or abandoning your website forever.

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Don’t leave your customers sitting by the door, use this journey to keep in touch!

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