Make your emails more personal, and professional

Autopilot in Marketing automation on 9th of Dec 2019
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Make your emails more personal, and professional

Personalisation at a professional level

If you’re in a customer-facing team, you’ll know that contacts value professional looking communications and a continuity of service. Whilst responding quickly to new leads is essential, ensuring that all communications (including that first outreach) come from the same team member can add great value to the customer experience.. To save you the time of setting up individual emails personalised for each of your team members at each stage of the customer journey, we created this journey to assign the relevant team members’ details as fields for each contact so that all communications can be built with personalization variables, ensuring they are from the same point of contact each time.

You don’t need a developer to figure this out

This journey demonstrates how to set up custom email signatures for use in your Autopilot emails. You can use as many custom fields as you wish, such as name, contact details, meeting booking links, and even a photo. By using Autopilot’s custom fields in this operational journey, you’ll be able to easily associate the relevant team members’ details with the contacts profile, and ensure all your communications are personalized.

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