On average, personalized email marketing improves click-through rates by 14% and increases conversions by 10%

Elizabeth Leigh in Email marketing on 27th of Nov 2018
the best email marketing software

The best email marketing software

Email marketing software helps marketers communicate with their audience, transforming leads into customers and customers into repeat buyers. Marketers use email marketing tools to build and manage email lists and design intuitive email campaigns.

On average, personalized email marketing improves click-through rates by 14% and increases conversions by 10% (Aberdeen Group). An intuitive email marketing software like Autopilot allows marketers to segment their audience into different categories and create email subject lines that appeal to customer interest. Instead of sending all your customers a mass promotion, you can tailor your promotions to specific customer groups.

But before you start comparing email marketing software, ask yourself these simple questions:

What problem am I trying to solve?

Are you focused on lead management and want to improve how you generate and nurture leads? Are you faced with the challenge of transforming strangers into leads and leads into customers? Do you want an easier way to automate the email experience?

What features am I looking for?

Do you want to build personalized email drip campaigns or do you want to browse through a list of pre-designed email templates? Do you want to analyze every email and compare the performance of each message? Do you need to segment your lists into leads and customers? Do you need to A/B test each email and derive insights from analytics?

What capability do I need?

Do you have a design team to create email templates, can you code them yourself or do you require an easy drag-and-drop interface? Do you send a weekly email newsletter and need to schedule delivery? Do you need to trigger emails based on time, behavior and customer interest?

What is my email marketing strategy?

Do I send customers educational content, transactional emails or product-related articles? How often do I communicate with my customers? Who is responsible for the email strategy and can it be automated?

What can’t I live without?

Do you need to personalize your messages and keep your marketing on-brand? Do you need an HTML builder or a library of pre-made templates? Do you need to test content, delivery time and from name? Do you need to implement an email sunset policy?

To help you break down what appeals to you most, here’s a list of the top email marketing software features:

Personalized emailsA/B testingTriggered emailsResponsive drag and drop emails
Marketing attribution and goalsEmail templatesLead generation and lead nurturingCustomer segmentation
High email deliverabilityTriggered emailsMobile optimizationInsights and analytics
Outcome wheelResponsive drag and drop emailsNurture streamsSunset policy

Narrow down your search and explore Autopilot’s marketing automation software that goes beyond email.

Email A/B testing

Test and optimize every part of the customer journey with A/B testing. Track email opens, clicks, replies, unsubscribes, bounces and conversions. With the Autopilot AB Split Testing integration, you can optimize your emails based on real-time results.

Personalized emails

Create branded and personalized emails with pixel perfect accuracy. Start from a template or design your own (no coding required). With a simple drag-and-drop editor, you can customize your own templates with ease.

Customer segmentation

Gain a deeper understanding of your target market and discover what content is most valuable to them at every stage of the customer journey. With Autopilot’s Segment and Smart Segment triggers, you can maximize your marketing resources and send personalized messages to improve customer loyalty.

Email automation

Automate all your emails and send them at precisely the right time. Trigger emails based on time, behavior and interest — like when a user submits a demo request form or abandons your shopping cart without making a purchase.

Optimized for mobile

Every email you create is automatically optimized to look great on every device. According to emailmonday up to 77% of emails are opened on a mobile device. With Autopilot’s responsive design, you’ll never give your customers a poor mobile experience.

Detailed email reporting

Visualize reports from email campaigns and gather customer insights in minutes. With Autopilot’s analytics dashboard, you can find new ways to optimize your emails and deliver competitive digital strategies across every channel. Use the dashboard to make marketing decisions based on the metrics that matter to you most.

High email deliverability

Increase email engagement by removing people from your list who have unsubscribed or disengaged. With Autopilot’s email sunset policy, you can opt to only send emails to engaged contacts. This will boost your email deliverability rate and your list integrity.

The best email marketing software allows marketers to target customers with email newsletters, lead nurturing campaigns, follow-up messages, product announcements, transactional emails and much more. Revolutionize your marketing and try Autopilot for free today.

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