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Libby Margo in Autopilot software on 5th of Mar 2019
best customer journey templates

Top customer journey templates

A customer journey is a visual representation of the experience your customer has when interacting with your brand. They are handy because they allow you to get a sense of your customers’ motivations, forcing you to think about how your customers interact with your brand versus how you think they do.

Each organization will have its unique set of customer journeys, but there are some core customer journeys that every marketer should be familiar with — these are what we refer to as “must-have” customer journeys. And today, we’ll be taking you through 4 of Autopilot’s must-have customer journeys in video form:

Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing involves developing relationships with your leads at every stage of the marketing funnel. This process helps you engage with new leads over time so that they are compelled to take positive action (for example, buy your product).

In the video example below, we take you through a simple lead nurturing journey where the goal is to get your customer to sign up for a product trial. The journey begins when we add new leads to a list trigger before we send them an initial welcome email. From then on, we send emails to our leads in a staggered fashion, gently coaxing them down the marketing funnel.

Our aim here is to encourage our leads to give the product a try by signing up for a trial. Anyone who doesn’t respond favorably to these emails will be ejected from this lead nurturing journey — after all, you don’t want to waste resources by nurturing an unresponsive lead.

Trial signup

Some of your leads have eagerly signed up for a free trial — that’s fantastic! These warm leads are interested in your product (they wouldn’t have signed up for a trial, otherwise) so now is the best time to convince them to buy your product. This trial signup journey is designed to target these users during a 30-day trial period — of course, you can set your own trial period, whether it be 7 or 15 days.

This must-have customer journey involves crafting a memorable customer experience, giving the lead as much useful information as possible to influence their purchase decision. It’s important to design this journey so that your leads enjoy it; if they don’t, they’re unlikely to use your product beyond the free trial period. We recommend emailing your leads with relevant information to educate them about the product’s features. Leads that respond to CTA prompts in your emails will be assigned to your sales team for follow-up.


Your leads may have purchased your product, but that doesn’t mean your job is done yet. This must-have journey is designed to maintain high engagement with your paying customers as they become more familiar with your product. We recommend demonstrating your customers the key features of your product — and to go one step further by showing how it adds value to their life. You can do this via a series of emails offering helpful tips and advice or creating a knowledge base on your website featuring a comprehensive FAQ section, tutorials, and best practice uses (for example, our templates library).

NPS follow up

NPS is a useful tool for measuring customer satisfaction, but that’s not all it does. Use Autopilot’s Delighted integration to send NPS surveys to reach out to customers 30 days after conversion to measure their experience as well as reduce churn and ensure that feedback is passed onto the right channels.

This must-have journey also allows you to see which customers haven’t left a response yet. We can do this by checking NPS’ “no” responses and encourage them to provide a review by sending a gentle reminder email to complete the survey. By doing this, you avoid sending the survey to customers who have already completed it.

The NPS follow up customer journey also allows you to uncover any issues or complaints your customer might have about your product. Additionally, you can use this journey to encourage net promoters to share their positive experiences on review sites.

Want to see more customer journeys?

Simply visit the Autopilot template library to browse our extensive collection of journey templates — they’re free for you to use as they are or you can easily build upon them.

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