Segment + OneSignal + Kissmetrics integration

Use Autopilot to create journeys that use the Segment, OneSignal and Kissmetrics integrations.


Marketing Automation ideas to integrate Segment, OneSignal and Kissmetrics.

Segment Event to Send Segment Event to Send Push Notification

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Segment Event to Send Push Notification to Send Kissmetrics Event

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Segment Event to Send Kissmetrics Event to Send Push Notification

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Segment Event to Send Push Notification to Send Segment Event

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Showing 4 journey ideas for Segment, OneSignal and Kissmetrics

About the Segment integration

Personalize your marketing by triggering and personalizing your messages based on user events. Activate new users and drive higher engagement and retention.

About the OneSignal integration

Create a multi-channel customer journey with personalized push notifications. This integrates makes it incredibly easy to incorporate both mobile push notifications and web push notifications into your customer journeys. Engage users of your application at just the right time, with the right message, by using this powerful integration with OneSignal.

About the Kissmetrics integration

Kissmetrics is a person-based analytics package that makes it insanely easy to track events and funnels online helping you focus on the important bits of your online business.

Create your own marketing automation journey

Using Triggers, Actions and Conditions included in the Segment integration, OneSignal integration and the Kissmetrics integration.

Journey Triggers

Segment Event
Add a contact to a journey when they perform a Segment event.

Journey Actions

Send Segment Event
Send a contextual Segment Event.
Send Push Notification
Send a contact a personalized mobile or web push notification.
Send Kissmetrics Event
Send a Kissmetrics event based on the outcome of the journey.

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