HubSpot Vs. Autopilot

If you’re researching HubSpot competitors because you want something more affordable, try Autopilot. We offer simple and visual marketing automation software where you only pay for what you need.

HubSpot Vs. Autopilot

This is a new breed that gets it. This is the best automation platform I've used, and I've used: Marketo, HubSpot and Bronto as the others

Andrew Naber - Growth at Tonal


Improved segmentation

Target the right contacts using any combination of data. Segment contacts by field values, behaviors, lists or UTMs to identify meaningful audiences like current free trialists, leads sourced from Facebook or contacts who have clicked an email in the past 90 days.


More than email marketing

Send timely SMS, in-app messages, Facebook and Google ads and even direct mail with your emails. Best of all, you can configure multi-channel marketing campaigns straight from Autopilot’s journey canvas.


Better deliverability

Autopilot customers consistently outperform industry averages. We work with all major ISPs and constantly monitor our infrastructure and IP addresses to ensure the best possible email delivery rates. No bad senders allowed.


Flexible marketing automation

Take your automation to the next level by creating intelligent and visual journeys that take actions based on your who your customers are and what they do. Collaborate on journeys as a team by dragging and connecting shapes together and annotate to describe each action and trigger.