Booking and following up consultations

Capture, organise and follow up new consultation bookings.

About this template

This journey is designed to help you keep track of all new consultation bookings, send them to appropriate department or lawyer, send reminders for the consultation, and ensure the contact is followed up with after. You'll be able to ensure your contacts’ booking requests are captured, organized, and followed up without your teams having to manually reproduce each step for every consultation.
Tags: Customer Acquisition, Fitness, Health and Wellbeing, Legal Services, Pipedrive Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Management, and SMS Marketing
Integrations: Pipedrive, Slack, Twilio

About Autopilot

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Shapes used in this journey


Smart Segment Trigger
Add contacts on a smart segment to a journey.
Form Submitted
Add a contact to a journey when they submit a form.
Person Field Match
Add a contact to a journey when a particular Pipedrive person field meets your criteria (e.g. contains a particular word).


Check Field
Check if a field is a specific value, or meets some other criteria (e.g. contains a particular word).


Send Slack Message
Send a contextual Slack message to a Slack channel.
Send Email
Send a contact a personalized marketing or transactional email.
Add Delay
Wait a specific number of minutes, hours, days or weeks before moving to the next shape.
Send Twilio SMS
Send a contact a personalized SMS. Capture replies and send follow-up messages based on their contents.
Schedule Pipedrive Activity
Create a contextual Pipedrive activity.
Add Pipedrive Deal
Create a contextual Pipedrive deal.
Add Pipedrive Note
Create a contextual Pipedrive note.

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